​Siwaver, better known as Danielle, is the newest owner of Weddings Unlimited by UYD and began her journey 5 years ago after the legacy of the late and great, Mike Edward Leigh, founder of Weddings Unlimited since 1985. Her positive, down to earth, go getter personality is what draws in her clients and her creativity, specific attention to detail, elegance, and extraordinary designs is what presents that unforgettable and unmatched moment to her clients' special day.

Danielle is a graduate of The Tennessee State University in Business Administration, Human Resource Management in 2010. She has always been involved with event planning within various academic organizations, however, her passion grew as she planned her own wedding day in 2012. Her heart and passion caters to brides on a budget, who dreams of a luxury or hollywood weddings. She knows how to take a bride's budget and her dreams and make it into a reality, also creating a stress-free wedding planning atmosphere. 

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